Can your marketing predict the future?

Predict buying behaviour and accelerate sales growth
with predictive analytics from Cyance

Find the businesses
most likely to buy from you

Buying behaviour has changed. For good.

Your customers and prospects don’t need to pay attention to outbound messages any more. With the internet and social media, they can access information about their business needs and challenges whenever (and wherever) they want.

So how do you seize your prospects’ attention online and engage them with your brand?

At Cyance, we developed Nexus – a predictive analytics solution – to help our customers find their best sales opportunities.

Think of your most profitable customer.
Now imagine you have more of them.

Nexus' machine learning algorithms help B2B brands to:

  • Track the online buying behaviour of lucrative customers and prospects
  • Find look-a-like businesses and pinpoint the ones most likely to buy
  • Create messaging and content strategies to engage them online
  • Get the right message to the right person at the right time


The results?

Nexus has already helped our clients achieve:


greater marketing engagement


sales growth