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Cyance are sponsoring B2B Ignite
MAY 2017

Cyance are delighted to announce that on the 22nd June we'll be sponsoring the prestigious B2B Ignite event in London. Our team will be exhibiting our Nexus predictive marketing platform in the acceleration stream. We look forward to seeing you there!

Turning dissatisfied customers into brand ambassadors
January 2017

Jon Clarke, CEO of Cyance, talks to B2B Marketing Magazine about how predictive marketing is the secret to transforming dissatisfied customers into brand ambassadors.


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We are excited to announce a major new release of our Predictive Marketing Platform, Nexus.

Nexus is a ‘best-opportunity, best channel’ predictive marketing platform for b2b organisations.

It helps to acquire, grow, retain and win back customers by detecting and predicting:

Which customers and prospects are most likely to buy

The content, messages and channels most likely to increase engagement and sales

The leads most likely to convert

The customers most likely to buy or churn

Check out our cool new features and ask for a demo. Just get in touch here results@cyance.com

Cyance announce web buying behaviour signals module for nexus

A simple way to track online buyer intent and demographic audience data

Avoid spending marketing effort on the customers and prospects not ready to buy. Buyer Intel tracks billions of monthly online interactions, across nearly 93% of the internet.

Buyer Intel helps your marketing campaigns to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Buyer Intel helps you to accelerate your lead generation results by prioritising the customers or prospects showing buying intent.

Cyance appoint ex-ogilvyone and iri worldwide executive Nigel Howlett as chairman
APRIL 2016

With over 30 years experience 30 years’ experience in data-driven marketing, Nigel has been part of executive leadership teams for some of the largest global marketing agencies and analytics technology companies. This appointment is part of a wider plan to expand our growth plans into Predictive Marketing Analytics.