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Discover your next customers
hidden in plain sight with nexus

Almost every business struggles to find new customers and sell more to existing customers. We change that for you!


The way that people buy has evolved.

Today’s business buyer is a lot more savvier, and less likely to respond to unwanted marketing messages. Researching and reviewing has become the norm. Reaching buyers has become a whole lot harder as the traditional methods become less effective.

The good news is, wherever a buyer is on their journey, they leave footprints.






Our platform, Nexus, monitors and stores signals across the web, ad networks and social media. We build predictive layers from billions of behaviour signals taken from thousands of locations. This insight beams a light on the organisations that are most likely to buy.

Nexus finds the places where your customers go to research solutions and uses machine learning to predict customers most likely to buy or leave for a competitor.


Why Nexus transforms your
marketing and sales


Our Platform


Upload your data into Nexus

Upload your target customer or prospect lists into Nexus.

Match your data

Match your customer data to the Nexus Multiverse of 150 million profiled organisations across the globe.


Powerful predictive models

Nexus matches the billions of buying behaviour signals emitted by the organisations stored within Nexus, to our ecosystem of over 30 data partners. The combination of many signal layers is what makes our predictive models so powerful.

Constant analysis using machine learning

The Nexus machine learning engine, constantly analyses billions of behaviour signals and identifies which of your customers are most likely to buy, convert into a lead or leave.

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“I have worked with the team at Cyance for a number of years, and have been very impressed with their technology and
people when it comes to predictive marketing. When I took up a new international marketing leadership role I searched
for a company that could help me step-change the sophistication in building pipeline through data-driven analytics.
Cyance delivered great results through their Nexus platform.”

Andrew Ford – Ex VP Marketing Pitney Bowes| Software Business & Ecommerce Leader | Global Tech Advocate