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Upload your contact data into Contact Intel

Contact Intel matches your contacts to our universe

  • The largest and most accurate B2B universe of organisations and contacts across the globe
  • 650 million contacts
  • 150 million organisations

Understand and Update

Identify the health of your contact data

  • Transform your marketing and sales by ensuring your data is always clean and accurate, avoiding data decay (B2B data decays 30% a year)
  • Stay ahead of your competition with clean contact data and rapidly find new prospects

Unique ways to enhance your data

Contact Intel provides you with unlimited access to new digital techniques that continuously refresh your data. Your business and contact data is enhanced with an unrivalled level of marketing insights and sales triggers including:

Business triggers

  • Online buying behaviours
  • Company acquisition status
  • Company financial status triggers

Contact triggers

  • Social media profiles
  • Email validation
  • Skills and interests
  • Job mover or leaver

Constant refreshment using machine learning

Analyse key trends and behaviour

  • Contact Intel uses machine learning to match billions of buying behaviours and data points, taken from our vast data partner ecosystem.
  • Contact Intel tracks billions of devices in a secure and compliant way across the internet, web search networks, social media channels and advertising networks.
  • Contact Intel constantly monitors and aggregates this behaviour across all digital channels and matches to your CRM data, so you can focus on your best opportunities to win new business and help retain existing customers.