Are you getting a return on your investment with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is free to use unless you have sales navigator but even sales navigator is still less than the price of a Starbucks coffee every day. Your customers and prospects use LinkedIn and there are no gate keepers stopping you from speaking with decision makers

The mobile is the most powerful business tool, period. There are more mobile phones than people and I’m not saying stop cold calling to find new customers, but some buyers prefer a cold call and some prefer a message on LinkedIn.

One of our sales reps booked over 50 demos in January 2018 just by sending direct messages on LinkedIn. He spends two hours on a Monday afternoon and two hours on a Tuesday afternoon every week dedicated to sending messages to decision makers. Block out some time in your diary, put some music on and spend a few hours sending messages on LinkedIn.

So why don’t more marketers and sales people spend more time prospecting on LinkedIn? Probably because they spend most of the time on LinkedIn scrolling through the news feed.

Want to know how our sales rep booked over 50 demos from sending cold LinkedIn messages?

Check out some tips he shared with us earlier this month…

1. Make time

 Use platforms like Buffer to schedule posts. This shouldn’t take any longer than 15 minutes and you can schedule posts for the week. So many people forgot to post content on LinkedIn, they will post 4 or 5 times in one day and then nothing again for a few weeks. Well what if your decision makers miss those posts. Schedule 1 or 2 posts per day to keep your buyers engaged. 

2. Subscribe 

Subscribe to industry newsletters to receive relevant and valuable content to share on LinkedIn. Sign up today to publisher websites in your industry to receive free content every day. Then share this on LinkedIn, takes less than 2 minutes to share a piece of content.

3. Always tell a good story

So many people take a piece of content, share it on LinkedIn and just put check this out or great read. That is not going to engage your buyers. These are busy people you need to sell them on reading your content

4. Reply

Make sure when people comment on your posts you reply. Don’t just say thanks but add value. Do the same when someone shares your post. Why not also send them a direct message thanking them.

5. LinkedIn email signature 

Do you have a link to your LinkedIn account on your email signature? If not include one today. If you do have one, is it just the LinkedIn logo? Put some text next to your link to get people to click and follow you.

6. Messaging 

When sending a direct message to a decision maker you need to get their attention quickly. Our sales rep sends a message no longer than 6 lines and that includes “when are you free to see a demo?” “Thanks for your time” and his signature. Get to the point straight away and tell the buyer how you can save one of their biggest business problems.

7. Finding new connections 

Start with who you are connected with already. If you sell to Marketing Directors, go to their profiles and connect with the people that like their posts. Most of the time others with that job title will be the ones that like and comment on the post. It also shows that these users comment and respond.

You can start right now by sharing this blog post on LinkedIn. Simply copy the link and share on LinkedIn. But remember let your readers know why you’re sharing this content.


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