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Do you really know what content your customers care about?

Posted by Laura Sexton on Mon, Aug 6, 2018

We all know that content is king right now. It can help you raise awareness of your business, position you as a leader within your field, hook prospects in and convert them into customers. 

Compared to traditional marketing, content marketing is reportedly six times more effective at converting people into leads and leads into customers. No wonder there’s such as huge demand for it.

But it’s not just the popularity of content that’s on the rise, so too is the amount of it that’s being produced. Back in 1984, the average person saw around 2,000 ads each day. By 2014, they were seeing around 5,000 (Content Marketing Institute).

You see, it’s all very well producing content, but can you guarantee that it’s going to cut through the noise, no matter how interesting or well written it is?

Unfortunately, in today’s digital era, most content is falling on deaf ears and serving very little purpose, despite the budget and energy that may have gone into producing it because there’s so much of it out there!

As a result, many B2B marketers are spending lots of time, effort and money, but seeing hardly any return on their investment.


The most effective content these days delivers value by providing prospective customers with what they want or need when they want or need it, whether they’re carrying out initial research or at the stage where they’re just about to make a purchasing decision.

But this doesn’t happen without having an outstanding content marketing strategy in place, one that can guarantee your content is going to 100% resonate with today’s buyers by providing the right messages, at the right time and in the right place.

More-and-more B2B marketers are taking an increasingly targeted, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approach. But we all know that ABM typically involves focusing on one customer at a time, so how do you cast your net wider and implement this approach on a broader scale?...

We reveal the answer to this key question plus, how to produce content that is truly king in our short, two-minute video. Check it out now and discover the proven way to transform your content marketing strategy from standard into outstanding. 


Posted on Mon, Aug 6, 2018