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Improve attribution and ROI with behaviour-based digital ad targeting

Posted by Steve Russell on Wed, Jan 16, 2019

Digital advertising is big business right now.

Spending on digital advertising is forecast to reach 50% of total ad sales spend this year alone. And with 81% of shoppers conducting online research and 60% reading product reviews before buying, it’s easy to see why.

Digital advertising can bear significant fruit

Digital advertising is a cost-effective way of achieving customer leads on a large scale.

But here’s the problem: most digital audiences are anonymous and aren’t always relevant. And many digital advertising platforms tend to base their fees on the number of clicks and impressions, rather than solid conversions.

And this is a big issue for marketers, because without the ability to break through anonymity so you can target prospects and customer the instant they’re ready to buy, your digital advertising can quickly feel like an inefficient (and often costly) activity.

Data-led insight: the key to unlock truly effective digital advertising

That’s why we created Nexus. It’s a pioneering customer behaviour platform developed specifically to help marketers pinpoint the best organisations and people to target, and identify what they’re interested in so content and messages can be precisely tailored to those who are ready to buy.

Nexus makes it possible to identify your target customers’ and prospects’ buying behaviours, and enables you to feed this insight into your digital advertising campaigns. Because, why would you rely on luck when you can use cyance to target your ad efforts?

Always-on, and always updating its multiverse of over 150 million organisations, Nexus can help you bring behaviour-based targeting and precision to your digital efforts, improving ROI and making it easier to attribute click throughs to your advertising.

Want to discover more?

Listen to our CEO Jon Clarke discuss the state of digital advertising today, what it will look like tomorrow, and how Nexus helps solve the digital advertising equation.

To find out more about Nexus, arrange a free trial, or to discuss your customer behaviour requirements, contact us on 0203 950 5270 or email results@cyance.com.  



Posted on Wed, Jan 16, 2019