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The Evolution of Marketing (part 2)

Posted by Jon Clarke on Fri, Apr 21, 2017
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In the first instalment of ‘The Evolution of Marketing’, CEO, Jon Clarke, spoke about Cyance’s journey so far, which includes the creation of Nexus. In this instalment, he focuses on why the future is undoubtedly predictive for businesses – and for Cyance.

At the end of our last blog we introduced you to Nexus, our predictive marketing platform that enables businesses to uncover their hidden customers.

For us, developing Nexus was the next natural step in our progression. Recent changes in buying behaviour and marketing over the last few years meant that we needed (and wanted) to move with the times, if we wanted to continue to stay ahead of the curve.

Deciphering the code

As a result of our first-hand insight from over the years, we knew that deciphering the code around uncovering hidden customers involved looking for patterns within customer data.

Thanks to our background as a data-focused B2B demand generation agency, we also knew that most mid-market to enterprise businesses have a vast amount of data in siloes.

By joining this data together, spotting the patterns around customer behaviour and matching it with the buyer behaviour signal data we have in our Nexus platform, we quickly recognised that we could establish which customers are most likely to buy, and even churn.

Using data to its full potential

Nexus is a ‘best-opportunity, best channel’ predictive marketing service for B2B organisations and agencies. It helps to acquire, grow, retain and win back customers by detecting and predicting:

  • Which customers and prospects are most likely to buy
  • The content, messages and channels most likely to increase engagement and sales
  • The leads most likely to convert
  • The customers most likely to buy or churn

Using this insight in an effective way is critical to generating results in today’s rapidly-evolving world. We’ve already seen some of our clients increase their marketing leads by as much as 300% and grow their sales by as much as 50%, all in a fraction of the time compared to more traditional marketing and sales tactics.

The beauty of Nexus is that it provides the insight to focus on the customers that are most likely to generate a quicker return.

The future of Cyance

The future of Cyance is undoubtedly bright. Not only are we helping businesses focus their marketing spend and efforts on customers who are most likely to deliver the best ROI and accelerate lead pipeline generation with Nexus, we’re at the forefront of our game.

With new team members, continued expansion and our unrivalled insight and data intelligence, Cyance is continuing to evolve on an unprecedented scale.

Watch this space for more updates on our latest news, industry-leading developments and future instalments of The Evolution of Cyance.

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Posted on Fri, Apr 21, 2017

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