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Marketing has transformed with the digital age... but has your lead generation?

Posted by Claire Gardner on Thu, Jul 12, 2018

It’s all very well having a wealth of data at your disposal, but where’s the insight to unlock its full potential?

Data is great. In fact, in today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s difficult to imagine the days when marketing data didn’t exist. According to The Data Economy Report by Digital Realty, by 2025, UK-based data centres will be responsible for storing data worth just over $135bn annually. And that’s just UK data centres…

However, the rapid growth of data often means B2B marketers are only too often left feeling overwhelmed by mountains-upon-mountains of data. And the upshot of this is that many of them struggle to see the wood for the trees. In the meantime, their myriad of data (as valuable as some of it might be) doesn’t just continue to grow, but fails to truly deliver, resulting in missed opportunities and increased pressure for marketers to get those all-important leads.

Sound familiar?

We feel your pain. Not because we’ve been in your shoes, but because we’ve followed your footsteps, and that of your competitors, on multiple occasions.

We help businesses transform their data, predict buying behaviour and accelerate their sales and marketing ROI

You’re most probably thinking at this point, how do we do it? No, we don’t wave a magic wand, but what we do, isn’t far off, given the exceptional results we achieve for our clients time and again. Our success, and our clients’ success, is all down to our pioneering B2B customer behaviour platform, Nexus.

You see, by using tools, like Nexus, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your data is working to its full potential. The platform turns behavioural data into actionable insight to help you stay one step ahead of the competition. Its dashboards are designed to specifically help B2B organisations focus on how to action their data, rather than trying to make sense of it.  


Nexus instantly gives you a real competitive edge over your competitors because you know:

  • Which organisations to target and when
  • What they’re interested in – so you can start to think about how you can personalise your content and messages
  • Who to target within the organisation

It’s this laser focus that enables you to spend your: a) time concentrating on the total addressable market that’s active and b) spend your budget on companies with a relevant need.

This means that when you hit people with your messages, you can guarantee it’s the right time, the right person and the right message, which also means less effort on your part too! 

No more spray and pray tactics. And no more being perceived by organisations as spamming them with unwanted messages, which is particularly crucial in light of the GDPR rules that are cracking down on businesses that spam their contacts.


Customer behaviour analytics is the future of B2B marketing

Used in the right way and to its full advantage, you can drastically streamline your lead gen across all marketing functions, such as content, programmatic and targeting because you have an informed view on who you’re targeting.

The end result: highly-targeted and intuitive marketing campaigns that add value and provide you with the best possible return on your investment, regardless of where buyers are in the sales funnel. And no more drowning in data or wondering whether or not your data’s going to deliver for you either. Are you ready to grab this valuable lifeline with both hands?


Watch our video on how Nexus can transform your lead generation strategy! 


To find out more about Nexus, arrange a free trial or to discuss your customer behaviour requirements, contact us on 0203 950 5270 or results@cyance.com.


Posted on Thu, Jul 12, 2018