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Upload your data into Nexus

Build your audience

  • Upload your target customer list into Nexus
  • Your seed list is matched to our multiverse of 150 million profiled organisations from across the globe
  • Receive business profiles and buyer behaviour signals from across our multiverse

Match your data

Create your personalised predictive formula

  • Seed list organisations within our multiverse, as well as any look alikes are identified
  • Signals from relevant buying behaviours from across the web, search, ad-networks and social media are all monitored and captured to help identify the companies most likely to buy from you

Powerful predictive models

Build your predictive audience segments

  • Nexus ranks your customers’ and prospects’ behaviour according to their likely interest and assigns them with a score
  • With algorithms incorporating up to 50 different data signals from 30 data sources, highly powerful predictive models are created
  • These predictive segments can then be used to fuel highly effective and attributable marketing campaigns

Constant analysis using machine learning

Analyse key trends and behaviours

  • Continuously analyse buying trends and visualise the results to help drive your campaigns
  • Create a virtuous cycle to maximise your return on investment – feed the outcomes from your campaigns back into Nexus to harness the full power of its predictive models
  • Over time, machine learning will adjust your audience segments and predictive scores according to both positive and negative scores