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"Today’s B2B marketers need to get smarter"

B2B marketers need to think smarter and ditch traditional marketing tactics fast if they want their future campaigns to deliver real value, says Cyance’s new Sales Director, Matthew Bruce.

Matthew, who has almost two decades’ experience under his belt, joined leading B2B predictive marketing technology specialists, Cyance at the start of this month (January).

As well as generating widespread awareness about Cyance and its pioneering B2B predictive marketing technology platforms, such as Nexus, Matthew has also set his sights on promoting the role of predictive marketing within the B2B marketing world.

“Predictive marketing is a necessity for businesses who are serious about increasing their returns and making sure their sales and marketing efforts are as effective as possible,” said Matthew.

“My new role isn’t just about getting the word about Cyance out there on a national and global scale, but bringing predictive marketing to the forefront of B2B marketing, where it belongs.

“Lots of changes have taken place within the B2B marketing arena in recent years however, for all of these changes, there’s one observation that’s remained for me, and that’s the demand for B2B marketers to get smarter.”

According to Matthew, growing demand to understand buying behaviour and deliver more targeted and effective campaigns through the use of actionable insights is just one of the reasons why B2B marketers need to up their game.

"Mass marketing slowly dying out"

“We all know that marketing budgets are becoming increasingly squeezed and the demand to move away from mass marketing techniques and deliver more value is more essential than ever,” adds Matthew.

“These days, businesses are more savvy and the buying journey is more complex than ever before. Companies are also sick of having irrelevant products and/or services pitched to them.

“It’s only natural that the market will continue to become more educated and tap into alternative methods, such as predictive marketing and smarter data. We’re already starting to see that the old habit of throwing as much mud at the wall and seeing what sticks is slowly disappearing.

“Although mass marketing will most probably never totally disappear, it’s encouraging to see B2B marketers are starting to look around for alternative methods, such as predictive marketing and behavioural data, to increase their performance and drive down acquisition costs.

“Being smart, prepared to look at alternative and new tactics and, more importantly, understanding the value of new and emerging technologies, is key for companies who want to transform their sales and marketing results this year, and beyond.”

B2B sales and marketing teams interested in finding out more about how predictive marketing can transform their sales and marketing campaigns should call 01295 724120, email results@cyance.com or visit www.cyance.com.


For more information about Cyance contact Laura Sexton, Marketing Manager at Cyance on laura.sexton@cyance.com or 01295 724120.